Custom Video for Swmlvr.."You guys did a GREAT job! it turned out better than I thought"

Custom Video for Adam..."The Video was great. Thank you very much"

Custom Video for Dierk..."The video is adorable and beautiful"

White Jeans & Denim shirt - Mike J...."WOW Excellent video"..."another one might be requested"

Custom Video for Mike J....."Awesome. Thank you. What a great video it turned out to be".

Custom Video for Wong....."Thanks bought the video......I have request for another custom video"

Custom Video for Patrick...."I have it, it's brilliant and beautiful! You have interpreted beautifully and it is all I could have wanted, thank you both so much!

Custom Video for Adam...."Another great video! Thank you!"

Custom Video for Alex....Thank you so much for the video! It seems like you did read my thoughts :-) You exactly filmed what I had in mind! Rose, the outfit suits you well and you know how to tease!....Nigel, your camera-work is great! I like the way you focus on details"

2nd Custom Video for Patrick .....Just wow!! It's wonderful!

Custom Video for Wet Polo......."Thank you very much!! The video was wonderfull! I really liked"

Custom Video for Lovewetlook33....."Purchased !! That was amazing. Very very sexy. I love it

2nd Custom Video for Lovewetlook33......."Very very very sexy! You look amazing"

Alex..Black Tights & Lime Tank Top..."Black Tights and Lime Tank Top is fantastic! So great To see Rose in that outfit - her legs and hips in that gleaming and shining pantyhose! 

(Office skirt and mask)….Really nice video WELL DONE and Thankyou Paul


Serin…(ooops I peed my pants) wow, the wetting scene was absolutely fantastic.. great camera work and thanks for taking the time for the scene..  you literally 'did' read my mind on practically everything in that video


Dierk Daydreamer….(Black jeans nylon socks and Pink dress striped socks).....your video are beautiful thank you,,,,,I love it.


George…..(Thrown in)Thank you for the video. You did everything I asked and then some. One of the best videos I’ve seen. You are my hero, mate

Paul...2nd Custom.....OH MY GOD WHAT A VIDEO !!! tThats exactly what I wanted Beautifully done THANK YOU SO SO MUCH....... You all are FANTASTIC !!!

Patrick....."The video is AMAZING! In fact it's so good I haven't managed to watch it all the way through yet :-)

I absolutely love it, fantastic work guys!!!!

James......I loved loved the video. Perfect. Jeans and a bra. In the pool.

Alex.....Wow! This video (oops...) is spectacular! The peeing is somehow naughty and crazy. Even more as Rose obvioulsy had fun with it.

The oufit changes colour in dramatic way and looks brilliant wet on Rose. Tight and slightly transparent - so sexy!

The second peeing is great as you can see how the jeans get really shining.

I really enjoy to watch this video. Thanks for the idea and capturing it!


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